Thursday, May 19, 2011

Calla Lily- Nylon Stockings

Gorgeous calla lily flowers can be made at home with nylon stockings , they come in red,white and other shades and make good filler flowers.
Nylon material for flowers
Thin wire for petals
Thick wire for stem, floral tape ,thread
Fevicol or white glue
1 Make stamen by wrapping thin strip of paper on wire,with fevicol.Make as many stamen as the number of flowers.
2 Make a small hoop of thin wire and pull to make a heart shape.
3 The tip of the heart will be the top part of the flower ,pinch it to give a sharp look.
4 Prepare stem by rolling floral tape round it .
5 Carefully roll the bottom half around the prepared stem.
6 Wrap thread around it securely ,wrap floral tape on it.
7 The stamen prepared can be stuck with white glue in the centre.
Make a bunch of calla lilly flowers and enjoy !

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