Saturday, May 21, 2011

Clay Peonies

Peonies are beautiful and simply gorgeous ! I have tried making them earlier but simply gave up as I did not like the way they were shaping.
These peonies have been made without cutters , there are several clay peonies making tutorials on the net , one can have a look and try making them.
I did not count the number of petals that went into each flower but I used two sizes of petals, and there are lots of petals ! Bottle caps are handy for making round shapes.

1 Make a round ball 1/2" in diameter of air dry clay, put in a hooked wire for stem and let it dry.
2 Start making small petals , make the edges jagged and uneven.
3 Paste petals on the ball, think of a cabbage !
3 Add more petals similarly making them slightly open.
4 Make larger petals and keep pasting .
5 Slowly the peony will take shape.
6 Curve the wire stem and hang the finished peonies for drying . It may take several days for them to dry fully.
7 Wrap the wire stem with green floral tape.
The petals edges have to be uneven and jagged and if you can get hold of peony cutters then making them is a breeze !

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