Wednesday, March 24, 2010

POP-Plaster of Paris- Magnets

Plaster of Paris is a very versatile material and many interesting things can be made from it. It is basically used to make beautiful ceiling work by artisans but one can create lovely artifacts with it too. Only water has to be mixed to make it runny and its ready for use. Its air-drying , easy to use but one has to work fast as it hardens very quickly.
Keychains, magnets ,wall plates are some of the decorative items which are made with POP.
1 Pour POP mixed with water to a pouring consistency into candy molds.
2 Tap the mold so that the mixture is even and there are no hollows inside the molds.
3 Let it set for sometime.
4 Unmold when the POP is dry.
5 Smoothen the edges if required.
6 Use acrylic paints to color.
7 Attach a magnet big enough to hold the weight of the prepared item with glue gun.
Caution- Do not wash the used utensils in the sink as POP will block the drains. Its better to wipe them clean with a wet rag and throw it away. Dry pieces of POP can be thrown into the dustbin. Wipe hands with wet dish cloth and then wash.

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  1. it looks very pretty.can u tell me which of these three polymer clay or plaster of paris or mseal lasts longer?