Thursday, March 31, 2011

Filler Flowers - C P

Filler flowers are very important to make any flower arrangement complete . These are small flowers which add to the beauty of the major focal flowers . Some fillers flowers are Babys breadth , statice , gardenias , hydrangeas , lily-of-the-valley etc . They also give color contrast to the bigger flowers and make them stand out.
Filler flowers are beautiful in themselves but making lots of tiny flowers , buds , stems and adding them to the main stem is a task itself ! Well it has to be done and I am busy making tiny flowers , buds , tiny stems ............


  1. What kind of flower is the first picture above? I love them, and want to try and have them in my wedding centerpieces.

  2. The upright ones are Tuberoses and the other ones are Lily of the Valley flowers.All the best!