Saturday, March 19, 2011

Shaded Roses -C P

This year I have decided to experiment with coloring of cold porcelain flowers . Painting with oil colors is a good option as its easy to get the exact shading one wants.
The large rose in the front was made with white dough and painted with oil colors after it had dried . The oil paint took time to dry unlike acrylic paints but the end result was good .
The other pink shaded roses were made differently . I made white and pink balls of dough by mixing oil colors in the dough . Then I tried mixing in the pink dough in small amounts in the white to hand made petals. Very tough job indeed , it gives a matt finish to the roses unlike the painted one .
At the end of the day I feel that shading given with oil paints is definitely easier , better than mixing in two shades of dough as the shading is more natural.

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