Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Spring- Breadcraft

These flowers and leaves have been made with bread dough . They took a long time in drying as it was cold and cloudy . There are roses , plumeria, cala lily , hydrangeas and a few filler flowers. I am trying to make different types of leaves and these ferns are the result of my efforts !
I am keeping my New Years resolution of putting my flowers to good use as they were gracing a box unseen and unappreciated . Well , here they are in their full glory , ready to be displayed .
Handmade flowers, leaves , board , paint , brushes , fevicol , varnish .
1 Make assorted flowers and leaves , paint them.
2 Take a piece of hardborad or plyboard and paint it . I used acrylic paint , enamel paints are equally good for the background.
3 I wanted to make a wall decoration and used the board vertically and started by trying out an arrangement with the flowers . Choose the most pleasing layout.
4 Roses were stuck with Fevicol to the board first , then the other flowers , leaves came last.
5 Let the arrangement dry overnight , varnish it the next day .

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