Monday, February 21, 2011

Ceramic Pot decoration

This year I have decided to make use of the flowers which I make and decorate things. Roses, cala lily and leaves have been made with ceramic recipe given in the blog .
The ceramic dough flowers were made , dried, colored and stuck to the painted pot.It took several days for the roses to dry as the weather was cloudy and cold. Coloring was easy as acrylic paints dry fast. Assembling the flowers with fevicol took only a few minutes !
The pot with strawberries was done differently. The strawberries, leaves and flowers were made and stuck to the surface as soon as they were made. After drying for a few days they were colored with acrylic colors and shaded as required .
Its better to copy the design on the pot and then start the ceramic work to avoid errors.


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  2. Pls advise can we use varnish to finish acrylic paints on metal confused....pls suggest