Monday, March 29, 2010

Cold Porcelain Rose Bonsai- Tutorial

Bonsai trees are very beautiful and elegant , but growing them is a tough job . I had seen bonsai trees at a flower show and wanted one of my own ,the beautiful wavy branches had enthralled me ! I thought of making a bonsai with the resources available at home. Well, I had cold porcelain roses and leaves ready to be used, but making the bonsai or a dwarf tree was a challenge.It took several days as each layer had to dry but the time spent was well worth it !
And no watering the plant,or maintenance !!!
Materials Required -
1 Wire to make the framework of the tree.
2 Gauze, glue ,ceramic/ PoP powder
3 Acrylic color -brown
4 Roses and leaves made of cold porcelain , they can be of any other material.Instructions given in my blog, please have a look .
1 Take thick wire and , at least 8' long, and give it a wavy look. Keep in mind the part which will be anchored to the base.
Attach another smaller piece of wire to form a branch.
2 Wrap the main wire in bandage or hospital gauze dipped in glue water paste several times. This will give a thick appearance to the tree.Continue doing the same to the attached branch.
3 Let the tree dry in the sun.
4 Next make a paste of ceramic powder and glue and layer it on the tree.It need not be smooth as rough look is more natural. POP can be used instead of ceramic powder.
5 After the whole tree is well dried, give it a coat of brown paint , either acrylic or oil paint, even poster color may do.
6 The tree was ready to bloom ,so the next part was sticking the ready roses and leaves with glue and my bonsai was ready !
I have simply stuck my bonsai in a bowl of colored stones.


  1. Hi,
    Can I use Thai clay to make bonsai ?
    Thank u....

  2. Sure, thai clay can be used to make a bonsai.