Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tulips -Nylon Stockings- Tutorial

Tulips make wonderful cut flowers ,they also look good when made with stockings or nylon !

Materials Required
1 Nylon or stockings for flowers and leaves
2 Golden thin wire
3 Aluminium wire for stem
4 Floral green tape for stem
5 Thread, scissors, wire cutters
TULIP FLOWERS- 6 petals for each flower
1 Make three big hoops or rings by wrapping golden wire round a bottle (see tutorial ) and cover with nylon,tie with thread. Give a slightly oval shape (3" long) to the petals by pulling the top end of the hoops.
2 Make three smaller hoops similarly(2 1/2") for petals.
3 Tie each large petal to the hooked stem wire with thread upside down i.e the petals will be facing downwards and the tied ends will face upwards, like a skirt !
4 Next tie the smaller petal hoops on top of them similarly.
5 Tie stamens and pollen stems to the centre (optional) or wrap up the centre with nylon and tie with thread.
6 Slowly turn up each smaller petal upwards, giving cup shape to them.
7 Similarly turn up the larger petals too giving a natural tulip shape to the flower.
8 Wrap green tape to the stem.
Make a large hoop, wrap it in green nylon ,tie it with thread. Gently pull it out . Tulips have long sword-like leaves.
Make several tulips and leaves in the same way, put them in a vase , enjoy !

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