Saturday, February 27, 2010

M-Seal magnets -Tutorial

Fridge magnets are very attractive and can be made at home ! What one needs is a little bit of imagination and some nifty craftwork. I have made a few by using store bought magnets and M-Seal or Putty used for sealing water leakages.
1 Mix both the parts of the M-Seal or Putty into a uniform color.
2 Make the desired shape with the M-Seal dough.In this case I made roses, but we can make strawberries, apples ,hearts or whatever !
3 Push in the magnet into the back of the rose so that 1/2 of the magnet is still exposed.
4 Let the fridge magnet dry overnight. It also depends on the size of the fridge magnet. A bigger shape or design will take longer to dry !
5 Paint the rose and the leaves with acrylic paint.
6 Varnish it for longer life .
A bigger design needs to be supported by a bigger magnet or it will fall.
The magnet and the design can be also be stuck together by hot glue.
Use talcum powder if m-seal turns sticky.

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