Monday, February 22, 2010

Cold Porcelain Cornflour Recipe

Cold Porcelain is a dough made in the kitchen with most of the ingredients available at home. The unpainted items look like porcelain and are air-dried .It is a lovely way to spend free time making beautiful things like flowers, favours, gifts and even jewellery!
Ingredients Required
1 Cornflour-1 cup
2 White Carpenters glue/ Fevicol-1 cup
3 Glycerine-1 tbsp
4 Vaseline- 1 scoop
5 Cold Cream -Ponds/Nivea (for hands)
6 Water-1/4 cup
7 Vinegar-1tbsp
8 Baby oil /veg oil-1tsp
Mix all ingredients except Cold Cream in a pan and keep on low heat . Stir well slowly all the time , the mixture will take oatmeal consistency and thicken like mashed potatoes. Remove from stove and wrap in a wet kitchen towel for some time to cool it.
Start kneading the dough with hands so that it turns smooth . Use a little bit of cold cream on hands so that it does not stick. It can be flattened and rolled again to get rid of any lumps. Keep the ready dough wrapped in plastic in an air tight container . It can be used after a few hours.
Cookie cutters , special tools are used to make beautiful flowers and other items. But porcelain dough can be hand crafted too with great results. Oil colors , acrylic or poster paints can be mixed in a small amount of dough or the dried item can be painted later.
After making the desired flower , let it air dry for at least a day. The bigger the piece the more time it takes to dry.


  1. hi,are cornstarch and cornflour are same??

  2. I think in India it does not mean the same. Corn flour may mean "makke da atta" which is not a refined corn flour where as corn starch strictly means refined cord flour.

  3. Keep trying, you may find a new recipe!

  4. hi ..thanks for the details they helped me a lot. I tired making the roses and they turned great. Just one problem the dough turned really hard and dry after cooling off. As i finished off he roses took the dough to start leaves it turned dry. help me out to improve

  5. Keep the ready dough in a moist cloth or in an air tight packet.