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Friday, January 13, 2012

Acrylic Painted Bowl

This bowl has been painted with Acrylics paints, decorative painting on glassware gives it a new life and also makes it unique.We can paint flowers, fruits, geometric designs and make it an interesting and beautiful gift item.
There are a myriad designs which can enhance a plain glass bottle or a glass bowl into a great conversation piece.
My New Year Resolution this year is to try out new crafts ,painting on glassware is a good start I think :)
1 Wash and wipe glass carefully with cloth
2 Trace design with paint pen or draw free hand, leave 1/2" from rim
3 Use acrylic paints thickly or double coat
4 Dry between coats


  1. Beautiful Glass Paintings

  2. Wow.. such pretty flowers.

    I hv some queries. Do you have to bake the hand painted glasses for longer life.