Friday, February 22, 2013

Chocolate Bouquets-Tutorial

Chocolate bouquets are a rage nowadays and make excellent gifts for any festive occasion.  A chocolate bouquet can be made at home using  a few things.
1 A container or a small basket
2 Styrofoam or thermocol  to fill in the basket
3 Net or paper for lining up the basket
3 Artificial flowers and leaves
4 Chocolates , either homemade or bought from store
5 Wooden skewers
1 Take a small basket and paint  if desired
2 Line it with net
3 Fill in thermocol or styrofoam ,cover with net to hide it
4 Insert wooden skewers in the chocolates and keep ready
5 Start adding the chocolates and flowers imaginatively.
The chocolate bouquet is ready !
Chocolate bouquets look great as table arrangements and  are popular  items for any celebration.

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