Monday, July 11, 2011

Hibiscus Miniature Clay Flowers

These are my first Hibiscus flowers made with cutters and home-made cold porcelain also called Air Drying Clay, it requires no baking only cooking !!
Many people are scared to try out cold porcelain recipe , the name sounds pretty intimidating, it took me some time to perfect the recipe but now I love it.
I have made 5 orange hibiscus flowers with the smallest hibiscus cutters, plenty of leaves and a couple of buds.
The pistil is made of wire coated with CP and tiny leftover pieces of clay used as pollen stuck with glue.It took several days to complete and dry the hibiscus bunch .

Slowly and surely clay flower making is overtaking my love for making candles. Maybe because unlike candles which need a host of special ingredients , CP requires only stuff easily available at home.