Sunday, January 6, 2013

Polymer Clay Flowers

Polymer Clay is the perfect medium for making beads, flowers and what -you -will ! I have been experimenting with Polymer  Clay recently and have become its avid fan.
Polymer clay is totally synthetic and becomes tough and stiff after being cured in an oven. No microwave please unless specified. All Polymer clay packets come with instructions on curing or baking  temperature required.
After surfing the net for more information I came across this amazing fact that Polymer Clay was originally made as a  clay for kids .Even today its sold in  toy sections of major stores. Now its being extensively used in jewellery making , nail art, and charms.

Millefiori or making canes is a popular technique used by polymer clay artists. Millefiori  literally means lots of flowers and by making polymer canes one can make many similar flowers or designs for various projects.

Polymer Clay is difficult to find in local stores in India, though its available in Malls and large craft stores or online and its quite expensive!


  1. Hello ! Nice work :)

    It would be great if you could let us know where exactly polymer clay is available in India... (which website or mall)

  2. Polymer Clay is available at Itsy Bitsy online.You can also try Hobby Ideas stores.