Sunday, May 20, 2012

Stitch Kit craft

Anchor Stitch kits are available in craft shops, stationery and hobby stores.They come equipped with a pattern, threads and instructions.Some are simple and some are really complex , designs like fruits, flowers and scenaries like the above are available in plenty.
I had found this beautiful pattern after a long hunt and enjoyed making it. One thing I have noticed is that work is completed fast if I like the design. In this case the picture was completed and given for framing in record time! So its essential to find the design you really like so that the project gets over soon.
Start with the darkest colors,lighter shades should be worked last to avoid dirt and grime.Always wash hands before starting the embroidery and keep the work in a plastic packet. No frame is required , at least I did not use one.


  1. Wow its so pretty. Love this.


  2. Love all your crafts.... You are so talented in many fields... do get the Liebster award in my blog.....