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Monday, May 14, 2012

Paper Flowers

Paper flowers can be made easily at home with paper punches or even without them! I have made the roses and large green leaves using scissors. The finely cut white leaves are of course punched.
There are plenty of tutorials about making paper flowers, I am still learning so have a long way to go before I write a proper tutorial. But this is what I have learnt till now with good results.
The basic petal shape of most flowers is a tear drop , one can draw and cut out the shape from a piece of paper folded multiple times and make several petals at one go.Stick them in a circle and a flower is done. The centre can be made with a 3D silver/gold.
The cala lily is nothing but a heart shape folded over with the tip pointing upwards. Put in a rolled piece of yellow paper for stamen and its ready!
A leaf is also a tear drop like a petal and quite easy to draw and cut.
All the flowers and leaves have been made with A4 paper used for the Printer, I had to color it as necessity is the mother of invention and I have to be really creative with my limited art supplies!


  1. Hey Anita,
    Wonderful Flowers. Wonderful Leaves. wonderful Colours. Simply wonderful work.
    Keep Posting

  2. Beautiful. Love this.