Sunday, March 11, 2012

Tile painting-tutorial

Tile painting is a novel way of making beautiful paintings, many talented people have been doing it for years and even selling them successfully! These tulips have been painted with Acrylic paints which are easily available. Acrylic colors are washable and the painting can be used only for decorative purposes.
I had two tiles lying around for years just waiting for some TLC, this is the first time I have tried painting on a ceramic tile. Maybe I will achieve better results after this trial and error experience!
1 Ceramic tile
2 Acrylic paints, brushes, a rag
3 Fevicol for outlining the design
4 Newspaper
5 Design
1 Spread the newspaper on your work table
2 Wipe the tile clean, let it dry
3 Trace the selected design on the tile
4 Outline with Fevicol and let it dry for a few hours
5 Paint in the colors , let it dry.
6 The background has been painted with a sponge
Let the painting dry overnight.
The outline can be left as it is or painted black to give it a stain glass effect.

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