Monday, December 20, 2010

Dahlias CP

Last week I made some flowers with Cold Porcelain , since its winter I thought of making some gorgeous Dahlias , these are very large and graceful flowers.Dahlias make excellent cut flowers .
One thing I have noticed about flower making is that the number of petals, shape, color of a particular flower remains the same ,the material may differ. The material can be nylon, clay ,cold porcelain dough or even paper .
I saw a tutorial on Dahlias made in felt material and adapted it to cold porcelain!
Dahlias have boat shape petals arranged in layers ,pinch both ends of the petal shape and we get the perfect shape of dahlia petals.
The centre is a ball with deep knife marks.I tried putting a fringe of smaller petals around it but it looked messy so I removed it.The CP Dahlia is quite heavy so a thick wire is needed . If one wants to make a larger flower then more layers of petals can be added .
Maybe I will try making Dahlias in different materials using the same method.

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