Wednesday, November 10, 2010

SRE - Flower Basket

A few days back I found a piece of jute in my treasure chest and thought of doing SRE on it. Really I have an amazing number of craft stuff waiting to be used !
Now I have bought a collection of ribbons in various shades but I am using green ribbons the most. The leaves are essential to bring life to flowers and for filling up empty spaces.SRE is mostly flower designs and I may have to go shopping for green ribbons soon. Please buy more of green ribbons as flowers can be of a myriad shades but leaves are always various shades of green .
This SRE Flower Basket jute piece is yet to be completed . Its my own design and I have to improvise as I go along .But it gives me a lot of pleasure so its a labour of love. I will definitely get it framed after its completed.
I have used Anchor embroidery thread to make the stems . I used to do a lot of embroidery earlier, now I get eye strain leading to headaches. So SRE suits me perfectly as I dont have to do any fine work or count threads !
Done it ! I added a few buds and leaves to give it a fuller look .
Stitches Used
1 Basket is made up of split stitches
2 White, pink, deep pink flowers, buds, calyx are made of ribbon stitch. Blue flowers are in ribbon stitch and deep blue petals are of thinner ribbon also in ribbon stitch.
3 Leaves are ribbobn stitch
4 Brown sprig is made of Anchor thread ,Stem stitch and lazy-daisy stitch are used. Straight stitch in yellow is used to fill it up.
5 Flower centre - french knots in big white flowers and straight stitch in the rest.
Material used-Jute
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