Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Satin Ribbon Roses

These roses are made of satin ribbon ,the leaves are artificial . Roses are my all time favourites ,maybe because they remind me of the ones in my fathers house !
Actually I had bought the length of red 1 " wide ribbon thinking that it was silk ,but it turned out to be satin. I found making roses was easier with satin ribbons as its stiff and easier to fold. To make life easier I stitched each fold , also prevents it from unravelling .
The leaves are bought from a shop selling dried flowers etc. for Trousseau packing course which I had done 4 years ago.It had been a 3 month long course and I still have a lot of leftover craft material which I keep digging into !!! I never thought that it would be so useful !

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  1. your ribbon roses are so pretty! I wish I could make them too.