Monday, November 15, 2010

Ribbon Work -Roses

Ribbon work is applique work where the ribbon flowers , leaves ,bows are prepared beforehand and stitched on to the material. It took me a while to unravel the mystery of the blooming roses on cloth ! Of course the ribbon work can be complimented with SRE and plain embroidery .
Ribbon roses are made easily in various ways . Folding the ribbon at right angles and twirling it around the centre is the method which I have used here.
Paper quilled roses are made in the same way.The only difference is that we have to keep needle and thread ready and stitch each layer or turn to the centre, as silk ribbons slip .One can make these roses beforehand and stitch them on to the material as required.
Quilts , pouches ,cushion covers ,pillows, bags can be decorated with this technique.
The three pink,white and blue roses are folded roses.
The yellow roses are Spider Roses which are very easy to make and are made on the fabric .
Checkout the awesome tutorials on ribbon flowers here .

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