Monday, May 10, 2010

Log Flower Arrangement

Making flowers is one thing but displaying them is also an art !
The flowers featured are made of cold porcelain, I am addicted to it nowadays.
The log piece can of desired thickness, circular or oval.
1 Thermocol piece
2 Paper
3 Black and Brown acrylic or poster color. brushes
4 Fevicol
5 Roses made of cold porcelain or any material (method given in my blog )
Cut a round piece of thermocol ,stick a plain piece of paper on it with fevicol.
Color the papered top part with brown color and make circles as in a real piece of wood.
Color the edge with black color. The uneven thermocol gives it a natural look.
Let it dry.
Stick the roses and other flowers on it to one side with fevicol.
Its ready , looks different and is very easy to make !

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