Sunday, January 31, 2010

Stocking Flowers

Here is another easy way to make flowers, stockings ! Yes the very same stockings used for covering legs can be turned into beautiful flowers !
Materials Required-
1 Stockings of various colors
2 Thin wire
3 Thread
4 Scissors
5 Floral tape
6 Pollen stalks
Take a thin wire , it should be enough for the stem say 6 ". Take another piece of wire and shape it into a petal , like a big loop and entwine it . Cover it by drawing the stocking tightly around it and tie it with thread , cut off the rest of the stcking .Make at least 5 such petals.
Take the wire for thr stem and double it if its too thin, make a tiny loop and fix the pollen stems in it. Tie the petals around it with thread. Make them overlap slightly so that they look natural.
Wrap the stem wire with floral tape .
Make leaf shape with the thin wire and cover it with green stocking neatly. Tie it to the stem with the wire and cover the joint with floral tape.

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