Saturday, January 30, 2010

Painting Cold Porcelain

After experimenting with different dough recipes and finding the right one , the next step was about coloring the porcelain flowers and leaves.
First I mixed in poster colors , the shades were not very pleasing and my hands got colored too while mixing in the color in the dough !
Next I mixed in acrylic colors , they are no doubt good. The flowers turned out well , the leaves were too light or dark ! And my hands got colored again !
Finally I made flowers and leaves without mixing in any colors .
Bingo ! This was it ! I could color, shade and do it after the flowers had dried .Oil colors are good too but cleaning brushes would be a pain and oil paints would take long to dry.
I used my fav acrylic colors with success. I got the shades , the shine and my hands were clean ! Paint brushes could be washed in water , no pain !

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