Monday, July 22, 2013

Air Dry Clay Flower Classes

Several people  contact me about clay flower cutters and flower making classes, some have been quite persistent , maybe desperate!
Let me make it clear for once and for all that clay flower cutters are imported, costly and rarely available, I have yet to come across a shop or store where one can buy them easily like pencils or crayons!
 My collection of flower cutters over the years is thanks to my friends and family who know about my interest in the craft and help me in my hobby. But still I cannot name any shop where cutters are available off the shelf.
This is the reason why clay flower making classes are expensive and hard to find.
Please keep on searching for flower cutters and let me know too if you manage to find them.

One can try and find flower making  material in local shops or search in online craft stores.
Most of my clay roses are handmade , without any cutters, it can be done with a bit of patience and practice.
I take hobby classes at Delhi and will announce workshop schedules  soon here and on my FB page, maybe have one for handmade flowers to make life easy!

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