Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Cold Porcelain Gifts

Its always a pleasure to gift handmade items on any occasion as they are highly appreciated and one of a kind.
Today I decided to make gift items out of the cold porcelain flowers which I had made sometime back , they have stood the test of time and can be safely gifted!
The bases have been made with paper clay which I had , I read the instructions , made oval shapes and left them to air dry and painted them black.
The stems had to be cut off and the flowers were stuck to the base, a glue gun or any strong adhesive can be used. Leaves have been put in to give color and contrast.
At the end of the day the gift items turned out well and can be used as great decorative pieces.


  1. wow its so beautiful. looks like real. wonderful. i m also agree that handmade gifts has its own impact on the receiver it makes someone very special

  2. Thanks Dr Sonia and Asmita for the kind words!