Sunday, July 8, 2012

Cushion Covers-DIY

Recently I completed painting some cotton cushion covers but sadly could not find anyone to stitch them. At last I found a perfect video on DIY envelope type cushion covers and noted down the steps:-
1 Measure one inch more than the cushion ie if the cushion measures 12"x12" then mark 13"x13" on material for the front part.
2 For the back part measure 17"x17" ie 4" more for overlapping.Cut in equal halves and hem or stitch.
3 Now both the parts are ready to be stitched.
4 Keep the front side pretty side facing up and place the back part pretty side facing down.There will be an overlap in the centre of the back part for inserting the cushion.
5 Pin all round so that the material stays in place.
6 Stitch all the 4 sides.
Cut the excess material to give sharp corners.
The cushion cover is ready, yipeeee !
PS -I really did stitch a cushion cover after watching the video upteem times , if I can do it so can you!

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