Monday, January 23, 2012

One Stroke Painting-pot

One Stroke painting technique paired with Acrylics can work magic even on the most dull and boring items around the house.Its amazing to see a dull clay pot turn into a work of art before your eyes within a few hours.
1 Clay/terracotta Pot
2 Acrylic paints, brushes, rags for wiping the brushes.
3 Design, carbon sheet.
1 Spread newspaper over the work area.
2 Wipe the pot , if possible rinse it and dry overnight.
3 Sandpaper the pot to even out rough surfaces.
4 Use Acrylic paint to paint the background.Double coat , dry between coats.
5 Select a design keeping in mind the shape of the pot while the pot dries.
6 Use a carbon paper to trace the design.
7 Select color scheme for flowers/fruits , leaves.
8 Start with the leaves as they are dark and define the flowers.
9 Paint the flowers or design.
10 Complete the painting and double coat wherever necessary.
This project can be completed in a few hours as Acrylics dry pretty fast.
Varnish the completed pot, it will take at least 24hrs for the varnish to dry.
TIPS- Check out One Stroke Painting videos for learning the strokes and technique.

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