Monday, November 7, 2011

Assorted Flowers

I have received a good response for the assorted flower box I posted earlier.Its easy to decorate mirrors, photo frames , nameplates and other items with these readymade cold porcelain flowers and make a personalised gift for a loved one.
These flowers can be stuck on various items with a glue gun, strong adhesive or Mseal.
Select flowers of your choice and make your own box of flowers !
1 Roses - various colors, small approx 1" or large approx 2" wide or larger
2 Calalily - various colors
3 Daisies - white, yellow
4 Tube Roses
5 Trumpet flowers in various colors
Leaves and buds
Make your own combination of a flower box by selecting flowers of your choice, number and color and let me know your requirements( eg 3 large blue/pink roses, 5 cala lily, 5 daisies etc.)
Specific flowers can be made to order.
Orders will be couriered within India , for details email me-

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