Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ceramic Flowers

Ceramic dough flower decorations are very popular, we can decorate many items like vases ,picture frames, nameplates and wall plates with it.Here are two variations of the same ceramic dough flowers done differently.

One has to try the recipes and select the one most accepatable. Some say that a mixture of ceramic powder and fevicol glue is enough. Others advise one to mix in other ingredients.

There is a lot of mystery surrounding this dough art and the recipe is a well kept secret . I follow the recipe which is given in my blog ,I also pray that there are no interruptions while I am doing ceramic work!

Bread dough is certainly less messy and equally pleasing . Personally I am a Cold Porcelain dough fan , we can work magic with it as its smooth and pliable.

1 Make a smooth batter of thick consistency with the ingredients like chappati dough.
2 Mix in enough glue to bind the ingredients.There is no hard and fast rule.
3 One can paint the flowers after they are dry.
4 Acrylic or oil paints can be used.
5 Use fevicol or any strong adhesive to stick the flowers on pots, vases etc.If the flowers are large and heavy then they need a lot of adhesive.

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  1. Very nice, i do make these flowers as well, just wanted to know what glue do you use.