Saturday, August 6, 2011

Glass Paintings

Glass painting looks gorgeous and is quite easy . Special Glass Painting kits are available in the market , a piece of glass from a hardware shop is all we need. There are plenty of designs available on the net.
1 Clean the glass piece with water and wipe it dry.
2 Place the design under the glass, tape it if you wish.
3 Use the outliner provided in the kit to trace the outlines.Let it dry for 15/ 20 minutes.
4 Fill in the colors according to the design. Dry for 24 hrs.
Your first glass painting is ready to be framed !
Glass painting colors have to be used direct from the bottle, no brushes are needed. Cotton buds can be used to wipe off spills.
M -seal can be used instead of glass outliner. Make a long thread of M -Seal by rolling it and stick it on the outlines.
One can put crushed aluminium foil used in the kitchen for background for the painting or leave it blank.

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