Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Thai Clay Peony

Good news ! At last I received my parcel, my friend was kind enough to fulfill my wishlist of Thai Clay and flower cutters !
I love peonies and enjoy making them , earlier I had made peonies without cutters and my friends had also liked them.
Making flowers with proper cutters is quick and easy, one can roll out clay, cut out petals and make lots of flowers. I started making Clay flowers without readymade cutters and it has been a learning experience I would not have missed for the world. Now I have a good collection of flower cutters and I intend to get more as required.Someone rightly said that making clay flowers is addictive !:)
This peony has been made with petals of 3 sizes , the petals are too many to count! Its quite large, at least 3" in diameter.
Thai Clay and cutters are pretty expensive here in India and my homemade cold porcelain works just as well !


  1. very nice and elegant work.
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