Friday, May 27, 2011

Clay Magnets

Clay magnets can brighten up the refrigerator, washing machine, dish washers, lockers and other humdrum items having a metallic surface.
I am making one as I type this post out ! Yes the table is full of tiny flowers and leaves, glue and store brought magnets. I am guilty of hoarding tiny roses, leaves and flowers of several varieties all waiting for their day in the sun.
My ultimate aim is to make magnets decorated with some of my flowers. Big roses and flowers go back into the box as the magnet should be large enough to handle the weight of the clay flowers .Well I found two big magnets for my gerberas !
1 Make clay flowers , you can choose any air dry clay or polymer clay . Make small flowers and a few leaves or use candy molds .
2 Let them dry overnight or bake them if you are using polymer clay.
3 Stick the ready piece on to the magnet using a glue gun or super glue.
Start off with a single piece like a flower , later you can be adventurous and add leaves , buds , or try out making veggies , fruits .
Magnets make great gift items as they are sure to be displayed !

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