Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Summer Flowers -C P

Are Lamasa and Cold Porcelain dough craft one and same ? This question has been haunting me ever since I discovered cold porcelain . I had heard of Lamasa but never tried making it as I could not get the material , specially zinc oxide . Its said that Lamasa is the Spanish name for C P and the basic ingriedients are common give or take a few , both need cooking and are air- dry . Lamasa craft is quite popular in some cities , but C P is still a novelty.
People say that C P has a better finish and one can make natural looking flowers .Well I am a C P fan all the way as its easy to find the ingriedients and the flowers do look good ! :)
These lilies and sunflowers have been made with my new cutter set and have turned out fine . The Sugarcraft cutters make life size flowers and I kept a one rupee coin along with the lillies to show the size .
The sunflowers are 1 1/2 inches wide and have been made with the smallest daisy plunger cutters which I have in a set of 3 sizes .
Now I know that its easy to get the perfect look of a particular flower if one has the exact cutters , I still have to find the tools , its a tough task indeed !

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