Monday, February 7, 2011

Table Runner

A few days days back I found a piece of cloth which I had bought earlier . The house really needed a few useful things :) apart from my candles, flowers etc. so I decided to dutifuly paint a table runner which was sorely needed .
Fabric painting is dicey sometimes as too much water on the brush makes the colors spread and make the design messy . Also one has to be careful to keep the rest of the fabric clean , even a speck of paint can spoil the effect !
Cloth, design , fabric colors, brushes , embroidery frame , a rag to wipe the brushes .
1 Choose the fabric and design .
2 Trace the design .
3 Fix the frame on the cloth
4 Start with the darker colors as pale shades start looking dirty if the project takes long to finish.
5 Do the shading last.
6 Let the paint dry overnight.
7 Iron the design on the reverse side to lock colors .

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