Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Decorative Baskets

Gift Packing has emerged as a money spinner in recent times. A little bit of creativity can make your gift stand out amongst the rest.
Take a plain wicker basket and paint it with silver/ gold color and let it dry. The colors have to be co-ordinated to give the gift a pleasing look. Lay out the color combination beforehand , i.e. the ribbons, net cloth,tissue cloth and tissue flowers etc. One can have a single color scheme with shades or different colors.
Different events also demand different packaging eg Christmas gifts should have bells, berries , Santa Claus , sledge, snow etc. Wedding gifts look great with silver, gold , red and other happy colors .
A basket can be simply decorated with net, tissue ribbons , tissue roses and satin ribbons. Fevicol or hot glue can be used to stick the net cloth, ribbons and roses or readymade flowers.

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